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Technical Production Elements

AWS provides an extensive inventory of performance equipment available with our productions and events. Equipment rental services for your event or production can be arranged based on equipment availability. 


Please contact us for further information.


We have a large inventory of existing equipment. As we know each every staging scenario varies, we are able to create custom designs at the request of our clients.

  • Custom Set Design & Build 

  • LED Video Wall / Indoor and Outdoor

  • Ramps, Jump Box, Quarter Pipes

  • Trampolines

  • Butterfly Trampoline

  • Mini Tramps

  • Gymnastic Pads

  • Aerial Equipment   Aerial Cube, Lyra, Spiral, Corde de Lisse

  • Parkour / Trials BMX Equipment

  • Tumble Tracks

  • Tramp Walls

  • Fall & Safety mats

  • Acrobatic Pole

  • Synthetic Ice

  • Dance Water Trays

  • Portable Aerial Rig

  • LED Costume and Prop Elements

  • Costume & Prop Design / Build

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