All Wheel Sports is a full service production company providing theatrical action sports entertainment productions customized for the individual client. We pride ourselves in being the premiere production company to combine extreme sports with various theatrical and performance disciplines to create a one of a kind entertainment package that will excite audiences of all ages.


From the first meeting to the final performance, we customize each performance by working closely with our clients to deliver their vision and create performances.


We cast our shows with highly skilled professional athletes in a variety of genres. BMX, inline, scooter, skateboard, trials, trampolinist, parkour, cheer, dancers, and more.


Our team of experts can seamlessly choreograph action sports stunts, tumblers, and dancers to perform together on one stage.


As the director, Jill Schulz, works closely with our clients in creating a unique, efficient, custom designed performance specifically geared towards the audience demographics and the vision of the client.


Whether it is a single song or an extended soundtrack, All Wheel Sports can edit music to fit the theme and time constraints of the performance.


An important part of the shows image, our wardrobe stylists have the ability and experience to provide a wide range of looks from athletic, artistic, theatrical, and themed costumes that enhance the performance, yet are designed to be suitable for each performers specific needs.


All Wheel Sports has a core group of performance athletes. We have a developed a loyal following, and because of this we have a constant growing list of performers from all the diverse disciplines of performance in our shows. We are a fully insured company which handles complete athlete management as well as performers payroll and logistics.


We specialize in action sport and lifestyle photography. Being a full service production company allows us to easily coordinate all aspects of a clients photographic needs, Including but not limited to: concept, casting athletes/models, insurance, location scouting, shooting and post-production editing of images.