Company Profile

Founded in California in 1995, All Wheel Sports, Inc. is the premiere action sports entertainment company for theatrical stage productions featuring extreme sports. Our company originated with shows featuring top professional inline skaters, skateboarders, and BMX bicycle performers. We have since expanded our shows to include dancers, trampoline artists, aerialists, pro scooters, cheer stunts and more, while still featuring our extreme skaters and bike riders as the center of our productions. What makes All Wheel Sports different is the extensive performance and theater background of our producers and choreographers who are able to create a performance that reaches far beyond the traditional action sports demo. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a customized performance with diverse athletes and theatrical elements that will appeal to all ages, as well as to the desires and demands of our clients.

All Wheel Sports, Inc. is a full-service production company providing everything from concept to casting, set design, ramp equipment, choreography, music, lighting and production management.

Jill Transki

Director and Choreographer

Jill Schulz, along with her husband Aaron, had a vision many years ago in taking the typical action sports demo and creating their own company to create full scale theatrical productions that would appeal to audiences of all ages. Jill has an extensive background in both professional athletics as...

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Aaron Transki


Aaron Transki, co-founder of All Wheel Sports, has been involved in many aspects of the action sports industry for over 20 years. A competitive athlete in freestyle skiing and mountain bike racing to sales in both the retail and manufactures representative environments along with regional marketing...

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Amanda Fraser

Production Manager

Amanda began formal dance training at the age of three and spent the first 18 years of her life either in the studio or on the stage. After graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a BA in Communication, Amanda worked for a marketing firm in Orange County, California,...

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